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Servo-Drive Rotary and Linear Drives and Technologies

Rotary Stepper and BLDC Motors

Rotary Stepper Motors

Torque 0,02-9,1 Nm / Step Angle 0,45-1,8 Degree / High Precision, Thin Line, Vacuum, IP67

Specialty Stepper Motors Solutions

Holow Shaft/ IP65/ Vacuum/ Thin Versions / Gearbox / Brake / Encoder / Integrated Control

Stepper Motors
with Planetary Gearbox

low backlash planetary gearboxes <8arcmin, life time 20 000h, noise level <60db, optional economy variant

BLDC motors

Brushless DC Motors / Hall Sensor Feedback Device / speed up to 4500rpm

Linear Stepper Motor Actuators

Linear Stepper
Motor Actuators

Force 5-3200 N, speed up to 500 mm/s, low friction long life time lead screw, variable screw lead steps per 0,001-0,1mm/step / no maintanance

Stepper Motors
Linear Axis

Stepper Motor with Lead Screw in complete Linear Axis / Force 60-900 N / Speed 200 mm/s / max Stroke 1000 mm

Linear Stepper Axis with Integrated Controller

Stepper Motor with Lead Screw in Linear Axis with Integrated Controller, USB communication, Graphics User Interface (GUI), Easy to use, no complicated commands

Electronics for Stepper and BLDC Motors

Stepper Controllers

Control by TTL, RS485, RS232, USB, Ethernet, EtherCat, CanBus, Profibus, etc. Fully adjustable acceleration, speeds, external inputs, encoder, etc.

BLDC Controllers

BLDC Motors Control, Speed Control, Active Braking, Soft Start and Smooth Stop

Software for Stepper Controllers

Download Software for Stepper Motors

AC Brushless Permanent Magnets Industrial Servomotors

AC Brushless Servomotors

Torque: 0,1-800 Nm, Speed up to 40,000 rpm NeFeB Magnets, High Resolution Feedback, Special Voltage 48VDC, 24VDC

Torque Motors Direct Drives

Torque Motors as Direct Drives, Peak Torque 210Nm, Extremely Low Inertia, High Acceleration, High Drive Dynamics, High Resolution Feedback, Precize Roller Bearing, Precize Machining

Fast Ironless Direct Drives

Extremly Fast/Slow Smooth Motion, Iron-Less Motor Design, Encoder 500,000 ppr, Very Fast Response and Positioning, Low Velocity Ripple

Linear Servo Actuators a Screw Jacks

Linear Servo Actuators

Linear Motion is produced by Roller or Ball Screw, Force up to 110kN, Speeds up to 1000mm/s, Robustness, High Resolution Feedback

High Power Servo Actuators

External Servomotor, Very High Load, Shock Resistance, Force up to 300kN, Speeds up to 1000mm/s,

Linear Screw Jacks

Force up to 210kN, Speed 1-50mm/s, Worm Gearbox with Trapezoidal Screw, Optionaly with Ball Screw

Screw Jacks with Induction Motors

Industrial Standard Induction Motors, Force up to 210kN, Speed 1-50mm/s, Worm Gearbox with Trapezoidal Screw,

Gears and Couplings

Gears Production

Custom Gears and Gearings, Production under Drawing and Documentation, Bevel, Helical, Worm, Planetary, Chain Wheels

Custom Gear Shape

Bevel Hypoid Gear (Gleason), Paloid Gear (Klingelnberg), Helical-Bevel Eloid Gear (Oerlikon)

Locking Assemblies

Torque 1-1 500 000 Nm, Shafts 6-800mm, Locking Asss., Schrink Disks, Shaft Locking Assemblies, Dismountable Connection, no need for Keyway or Slot

Gearboxes - Mechanical Rotary Gearboxes

Helical Gearboxes

Power from watt to megawatts, Gear Ratio from i=1 to i=700, 1-4 stages, paralel or in-line types, accessories e.g. mounting flanges, torgue couplings, freewheel, combination with others gearboxes

Bevel Gearboxes

Power from 0,01kW to 500kW, wide range of sizes and types, wide range of gear ratio (speed reduce also speed increase), type include motor or solid input shaft, output shafts solid or hollow, wide range of mounting elements, adjustment of shafts with reference to customer need (e.g. Shafts for incremental sensors,)

Bevel-Helical Gearboxes

Power from 0,01kW to 2MW, gear ratio from i=4 to i=700, right-angle shafts, 2-4 stages, wide range of accessories e.g. mounting flanges, torgue couplings, freewheel, combination with others gearboxes, application also speed increase, for sure include motors

Worm Gearboxes

Sizes from 25mm to 700mm, self-locking for higher gear ratios, wide range of accessories: output shafts, flanges, torque limiter, torque arm; combination with helical pre-stage or worm pre-stage for high gear ratio till i=4000

Planetary Gearboxes

Small mounting size, Power from 0,01kW to 200kW, gear ratio from i=3 to i=4000, very easy combination for more stages; very high efficiency, output shaft could be solid or hollow, mounting with flanges or foots, for sure include motor

Liner Motors - Linear Motion Components

Lead Screws

Trapezoidal Lead Screws, High Accuracy, Long Life Time, Low Friction, Polyacetal Nut, Stainless Screw

Iron Core Linear Motors

Iron Magnetical Core, High Continous Load, Peak Force 10500 N, Cont. Force 7379 N

Iron Less Linear Motors

Iron-less Magnetical Core, Low Moving Weight, High Force to Weight Ratio High Short Time Acceleration, Low Force Ripple, Smooth Motion

Voice Coil

Circular Coil Actuators, Direct drive actuators with two terminals, Many models available with stroke from 5 mm to 30 mm, Zero backlash, zero hysteresis and zero cogging, Low coil mass with very fast response and high bandwidth, No contact between coil and core movement (no wear and tear), Smooth motion at low speeds with limitless resolution (depends on feedback device)

Linear Axis - Complete Linear Motor Servo Drives

Single Axis Modules

Dual Guides Ironless Linear Axis Modules, Effective stroke from 200 mm to 2500 mm, High speed, high acceleration and high precision, Precision Rexroth Linear Guide

Multiple Axis Modules

X-Y-Z Multiple Axis Modules, see Single Axis Modules, Global Metric Standards, Mounting Compatiblity

Voice Coil Modules

Miniature Module of Voice Coil Drives, Effective Stroke 13 mm - 28 mm, High Acceleration, High Precision Rexroth Linear Guide, Integrated Linear Encoder, High Frequency Oscilation

Control Electronics - Digital Servoamplifiers

Servoamplifier - Servomotor Control Electronics

Digitál Servoamplifiers, 230-400VAC, 330-560VDC BUS, up to 40 A, Integrated CAN BUS s CANopen DSP402, Universal Interface for Resolver, Quadrature Encoder, SIN-COS Encoder, Hiperface and EnDat Integrated safety function SAFE STOP (EN 954-1 cat 3) Active Filter, Integrated EMC-filters Modules for ProfiBUS, Sercos, Ethernet, Extension I/O UL and cUL certificationy

Software for Servoamplifiers

Setup any motor in minutes, Automatic detection of connected drive, Automatic motor phasing, Excellent navigation GUI, Context-sensitive windows, 4 channel oscilloscope function, Multilingual, Loading and saving'

Passive Components - Accesories

Rotary Slip Rings

Long Life, Gold plated Slip Rings; Transfer AC power and High frequency signals through a rotary junction; Power up to 100Amps and Signals up to 5Mhz, Max number wires 100

Cables, Connectors and other accessories

Professional High Flexible and High Life Time Cables, Rotatable Connectors a adjustable Connectors,

Servo-Drive examples solutions

Huge galery of servo drives solutions

Servo-Drive examples solutions

Extension of Product Range of Gearboxes and Lowcost Linear Drives

Interactive Tools

Interactive Tools